CW15 2019 - Weekly Review

Atlassian Summit 2019 - LV

This week Atlassian started to release their presentations from the Atlassian Summit to Youtube. Below are the videos I have watched so far that I have taken away some points which I will apply to my work life.

What I really found interesting is the “Project Posters” which seems to be a really good tool to share the information in a transparent way the actual context of Projects we have so that anyone can gain these insights and really see the decisions behind them.

I also liked the approach to have a one page meeting note for all reoccurring meetings to make it much more dynamic and user friendly.


Really cool video that has a very good example of the impact of “multi tasking”

There are so many more great videos, you can see them here:


Curve App

Curve is a banking service that doesn't give you a bank account, but enables you to load all your Visa and Mastercards to their service and they send you a card. With this card you can use the app to select which card you want to pay with. It is totally free and it actually works!

What this also enables you to do is to switch your payment card up to 14 days after your purchase. How it seems to work is that Curve pays for the item for you and then charges your own card later with keeping the meta data the same as if you were to purchase the item with your own card.

If you’re a privacy freak the service is not for you, they will harvest a lot of data about your spending habits. But if you’re like me, the convince of having just one card makes up the giving up of my purchase data.

If you utilise my referral code below when you sign up, we both will receive a reward.

My Code: NRYY78XE

End of an Era at Work

This week a good friend and my boss actually had his last day at work. He empowered and inspired me to be the best I can be and also pushed me outside my comfort zone on such things like presenting at a conference. I wish him all the luck in his new endeavours!

Uninstalled Instagram

This week I made the decision to uninstall instagram from my phone and to be honest it feels very liberating. This means I don't have any social network apps on my devices (except LinkedIn)

CW14 2019 - Weekly Review

Pulling the Reset Cored

This week I’ve made a conscious decision to try and reduce my heavy productivity approaching of using a personal JIRA cloud set-up for work and personal life task management. My original concept was to utilise a toolset which I use at work in a professional environment to be able to obtain more knowledge and skills with the tool. But after my greater than 2 months usage of this approach I actually didn’t see any organic crossover of knowledge as we have a JIRA admin at work who has the knowledge and responsibly to handle some of the topics I was wanting to address with my approach.

So, now what? I have pretty much used all the big task managers from OmniFocus, Todoist, Things, Trello, Google Keep, Wunderlist, Timely, the list goes on and it was never really doing it for me . . . I’ve decided to pull the reset cord on my task management approach and try to approach it from a minimalistic approach that a/ forces me to think lean and not bloat things up and b/ has an aesthetic which is minimal and friendly. After careful self debate I decided to try out one of the new Moleskin Digital Studio apps called “Actions” ( which I was loving the design and could see the visual value it could bring to my new approach.

There we have it, I’ve been using Actions for the past week and so far I have noticed a more increased focus on my side with tackling topics. I will write up more of a review of the tool and my process in the coming months.

Lazy Mode Enable

Since coming back from the States I have noticed that I have slipped back into a consuming lazy approach to my free time. This is something I want to and need to address. With this I will dust off some unfinished projects and evaluate if they still make sense and then continue the drive (watch this space). I am also back on my daily meditation schedule after being away for a few weeks, I need to build back up to my 20 minutes a day again!


Final Thoughts

The sun is staying up later and the weather is improving! This is the time to break out of hibernation and push yourself! I personally have a lot of big projects at home and work which will be happening in the next couple of months and I truly look forward to embracing the challenge. Especially when it comes to house specific tasks where I need to do stuff which I would not normally do, I think its good to have a mixed of different activities in life and not just sit in front of the TV and consume!

Magazine Feature - Quality Assistance


I’m truly happy to announce that a short article myself and a colleague wrote on Quality Assistance, how we approached the transition from Quality Assurance and how it works in a Games as a Service company is out now and printed!! I’m truly grateful for the opportunity which Test Magazine gave me and my colleague.


You can subscribe to the magazine to see the article at the link below:



iPad Pro - Main Computer - Micro Update

For the past 2 years I have been using my 10.5” iPad Pro as my main computer for my personal life as well as my social computer at work (meeting notes etc) and tbh it works better than expected. There is a lot of talk with the latest generation of iPad Pros that they could replace your laptop and a lot of critics (especially on YouTube) have hit out and said the limiting factor is iOS and that it CANNOT replace your laptop.  

I think the general problem is that a lot of people try to look for a one to one replacement in tools and ability, where in fact the new platform requires a new mind-set and I believe you can achieve everything, you just need to approach the situation with an open mind. 

Whenever I encounter a roadblock (which is rare for my workflows and requirements) with how I would usually do something on my MacBook Pro (Work Computer) I think “Is there an App which caters for this problem” and most of the time there is and if not there is always a creative solution, for example utiilsing Siri Shortcuts. 

In the coming weeks, I will write up a more detailed overview of how I have integrated the iPad Pro into my life and how I believe it really has helped me keep productive. 


It seems overly simple, but a lot of people dismiss the act of being grateful, and this has adverse effects.

I notice in a couple of people within my social circle who are always complaining and being so cynical about life and what's happening, it’s soo easy to criticise and complain, and it’s rather infectious to the people who continuously hear it (also brings the mood down). If the complainers simply practised gratitude now and again, they would realise they don’t have too much to complain about. Whether that’s their loving and supportive partner, the new apartment they are living in that keeps them warm and safe or the job they have that gives them soo much freedom and trust which not many employers empower. When you think about it, we all have something to be grateful for, and just taking a couple of minutes a day to recognise this will have a powerful effect.

This positive thinking will set you up for success!

Time flies when you don't look at your watch

It’s been some time since I posted here and a lot has changed in my life which has had a significant impact on the schedule of posting I wanted to keep up, let me begin . . . .

We purchased a house! Crazy I know. This was an idea I gave up many years ago when the price of a house was sharply increasing and seemingly growing out of my reach. But it happened and with that process (which wasn’t the simplest), moving and renovation tasks that sunk large portions of my time. We have a Trello board full of topics that are still needed to be tackled for the house as well, so I guess I have now a new long term project on-going.

Christmas and the new year happened! We had both of our parents over for Christmas and this of course was a time we wanted to spend some quality time with them.

My Grandad was sent to the hospital in the middle of January, so we flew out to the UK to visit him as well as the rest of my family.

The first few weeks of work started somewhat quiet and was helping the easing of a new year and gold period, but then change after change impacted some progression on projects which meant I slipped behind on where I wanted to be out now. But ah well, that only consumes 40 hours of my week.

So yeah, a lot of excuses but not all valid! I want to write here more on a regular basis and share all the exciting things that I stumble on during my routines and activities! I will do better!

Spaghetti Ice Cream!

If you’re ever in Germany, head over to any Italien Ice Cream Shop and you will be able to get this lovely creation called “Spaghetti Eis” it’s something you won’t really see outside of Germany. It was apparently invented by an Italian who emigrated to Germany and I guess got a little bored!


Quotes for Thought

So recently Elon Musk got in some murky water with him smoking weed on a podcast with Joe Rogan. Watching the latest Casey Neistat video it made me want to watch the 2hr long vidcast because of the following statements made:

“Comparison is the thief of joy” - Theodore Roosevelt

“Happiness equals reality minus expectations” - Tom Magliozzi

Small Project - The Snapshot of Joseph Hill

A lot of the time at work and in my personal life, people ask me "what tools do you use?" "What books inspire/d you?" "What process do you apply to keep on top of life and all the projects at work?"

Because of this, I am working on simple public Trello board that should answer all of the questions and give me a platform to be able to update it on a regular basis with what's new and modern in my world.

I should be releasing this in the coming weeks . . . . so watch this space!

Random Thought #2 - Meditation

Meditation is something that I used to think was something just for hippies and that I didn't need to do such an act. However, this was purely my ignorance speaking as I didn't know how to do it and what the specific benefits were. 

Fast forward to today, and I meditate for 20 minutes a day on a daily basis and value the act as a powerful tool to be able to focus my mind and to think straight. For 20 minutes a day, I focus on myself, nobody or nothing else, me and the benefit are that my mind becomes much more focused, and I am much more relaxed in life. 

Currently, I do what is known as assisted meditation utilising a free app called Oak ( which was created by the great mind Kevin Rose ( 

But you don't need to use an app or anything, sit down somewhere quiet for 10 minutes a day, close your eyes and focus on breathing in and out. If you start to think of other things, think "I recognise I am not focusing right now" and go back to focusing on the breathing and you would be surprised at after a week how much freer you feel. 

Random Thought #1

So, to encourage myself to blog more often I decided to create this new sub-category called “Random Thought” this is the place where I will just throw something out there. It could be something meaningful or something that’s total WTF! Let’s see how it goes . . .  

It’s still baffles me sometimes how people value their time as free and would rather save a few coins and waste hours of their life. I think we have the balance completely wrong and we value money in a really insane way. Below are some questions I ask myself before deciding to subscribe to a specific service or a large purchase:


- What additional value with this give me? (Will it increase my productivity or learn something new) 

- Is there something better I could be doing with my time? - Focused on a service (automation - Zapier) 

 —— to break the above down - How much time will this save me in 6 months to a year?



Bye Microsoft Office 365, Hello Google G Suite

I’ve been an Office 365 user for a number of years now. My main usage was to manage my personal email account/s as I wanted a bit more freedom than what the free providers offer and much more professional looking. I got the Office 365 account without the actual software subscription to Microsoft Office as my girlfriend has that already, so I was paying around let’s say 13 EURs per month for the that package.

A couple of things annoyed me with the Office 365 experience, the main one was how hidden away a lot of the admin elements are. For example I used shared mailboxes to set-up “fake” email addresses that are under my main account to be able to better manage various things such as travel, finance, paypal and newsletters for example. Not only is the option hidden away, but this specific feature is not really supported in many third party email clients (especially on iOS). The second thing that annoyed me was the clunky interface, being big and bold left me wanting more and it reminds me of the UI style introduced with Windows Phone OS. . . . it was hard to manage the multiple accounts and I was put off from day one utilising the web interface.


Quick Rant: I think Microsoft really need to overhaul their interface design to be much more minimalistic and pleasing to the eye, without hindering the user. It seems like the current UI was designed by people who don’t actually use the software.


So, as of today, I switched to G Suite by Google. This already will save me around 9 EURs per month straight out of the box and the tools on offer are way up my street than what Office 365 offers. The way Google handles “aliases” (Shared Mailbox in Office 365 World) is much friendlier as well and is supported by a nearly all third party email clients (*cough* Airmail) and the interface for the tools are way better! I can also look at how I adapt my workflow now to utilise tools such as Hangouts for consulting sessions as well as tools like Forms. I will for sure look at the Slides application to be able to move my presentation design workflow their as well (my thoughts on the tools coming soon)