Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella

This is a really cool book. It gives an interesting insight into how Satya Nadella came to be the CEO of Microsoft and his approach to really refreshing the approach Microsoft is taking to make them modern and fresh. He touches on how important corporate culture was a huge element at Microsoft and how it was toxic and that this was / is his main focus on reshaping the organisation to be focused, 

Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark

I never really knew the history of Alibaba, so this book was a welcomed listen. Jack Ma is a very interesting and somewhat inspiring man, he came from pretty much nothing to becoming one of the richest men not only in China but the world. Alibaba is truly changing the way not only e-commerce works but also revolutionizing mobile payments and it was interesting to get a glimpse at the roots.

my only complaint really is how the book is written, it felt like you’re jumping around Jack Ma and the Alibaba story and not really following a timeline, this is something which I think could be improved upon in future books.  

The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran

I heard many good things about the book and the approach. I think the books contents are very well laid out but the general approach I cannot see applying right now in my life, but it will possibly be something I revisit in a years time.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This book provides various case studies on how habits have impacted peoples lives for better and for worse and really shows you how important it not only is to define habits for the better but to also identify habits which are actually harming you. 

I was expecting some lifehacks on how to form habits and good ones, but even though I was dissapointed the book doesn't provide you the tools or framework on forming good habits. It does provide you some sense of how important habits are in everyones lives. 

The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

I can really say that this book blew me away! it’s now on my very short list of essential reading a long with GTD and Mindset. The book gives you many tools on how to approach productivity and gives you some good examples as well as some useful advice.

A lot of the tools I already practiced before reading this book, but  I can say that the book inspired me to create another lightning talk for work. 

If you’re feeling lost, snowed under or overwhelmed with the tasks and tribulations with modern work and home life, give this book a read! 

1984 by George Orwell

This is a book that I’ve been waiting a long time to read, it was also recommended to me by sooo many people that I needed to get my act together and read it. The book actually took me a long time to read, I started late December 2017 and finished it exactly on the 1st May 2018. In general it was more due to finding the motivation to sit down and read.

The book I think is ok, it does lay down a lot bout a totalitarian regime and how it could one day look with a government / organisation controlling and running people in society. But to be honest I found the book missing the tension and emotional aspect to really pull me into it and I found towards the end it was getting harder and harder to read. There is an underlying message in the book but it still doesn’t pull me towards it. I’m happy I finally got to read this cult classic and now I can check it off the list of books I need to read. 

Artemis by Andy Weir

Having recently read The Martian, I was really hyped when I heard that Andy Weir had another book out set again in space. I was really worried that the rinse and repeat Formular would be used from his previous book, but I was happy this wasn’t the case.

The story follows the main character throughout, you grow with the character and can relate from time to time with the choices they have to make. The world in which the book is set is really thought out and yet again Andy Weir has done his research into technology and what actually would be possible in space. This makes the book and story even more believable.  

The book has many up and down moments that keep you open the edge and want to keep reading, I can highly recommend this book and think that Andy Weir has successfully departed from The Martian way of writing (which also is a good book).  

If you’re into near future sci-if and want some drama, a little romance and a thrilling storyline, then I can truly highly recommend this book.

Munich by Robert Harris

This was my first Robert Harris book and I would for sure read more. The book was intense and was well written and researched. It almost seemed as though I was reading a transcript of the history books. 

The book leads you from a start not knowing the progression, with it slowly opening up as you progress. The only dull moment was the ending which was lacklustre.  

The Martian by Andy Weir

I was recommended this book by a good friend and work colleague amd I’m really happy they did.

The way the book is written totally grabs you. Every page there is some intense moment while you follow the survival of the main character on the surface of Mars. Even if you’ve already seen the film I can totally recommend a deep dive into the book. 

Its very easy to read and well thought out with it seems very scientific and plausible facts and situations.



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