The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss

This book comes highly recommend from close colleagues and friends and is also well promoted via the various "New Rich" people I consume content from. It also inspired the creators of the 5 Minute Journal to create that product (which I use) so for that I can thank. With that I was always wanting to get my teeth into it. 

So, I finally took the plunge and decided to read it. This is in a matter of words, is a manual for starting your own lifestyle brand. It leads you through a step by step on how to automate your life, test market cap, get to market with your first product and then automate the whole process so you can sit back and enjoy life. It also helps you with adjusting your work life balance in the forms of mini retirements which sound awesome! 

And there is the problem, at the moment I don't want to start a lifestyle business (right now) and so a lot of the content I couldn't directly relate to. But hidden in the many pages are tons of tips on how to straighten your life out and be super productive. Because of this I found the book very insightful and a good read. One of the points that caught my attention was the section on of VA's (Virtual Assistants). I never thought I could afford a PA/VA but this book showed me how to affordably get a VA and how to also utilise them and the medium to the full potential. The book is full of links and references to tools and services which I would never have known about, this makes it a useful reference material which I will keep coming back to.

My Recommendation:

Not for Everyone*

*if you want to start a lifestyle business or learn some productivity tips this is for you