Artemis by Andy Weir

Having recently read The Martian, I was really hyped when I heard that Andy Weir had another book out set again in space. I was really worried that the rinse and repeat Formular would be used from his previous book, but I was happy this wasn’t the case.

The story follows the main character throughout, you grow with the character and can relate from time to time with the choices they have to make. The world in which the book is set is really thought out and yet again Andy Weir has done his research into technology and what actually would be possible in space. This makes the book and story even more believable.  

The book has many up and down moments that keep you open the edge and want to keep reading, I can highly recommend this book and think that Andy Weir has successfully departed from The Martian way of writing (which also is a good book).  

If you’re into near future sci-if and want some drama, a little romance and a thrilling storyline, then I can truly highly recommend this book.