1984 by George Orwell

This is a book that I’ve been waiting a long time to read, it was also recommended to me by sooo many people that I needed to get my act together and read it. The book actually took me a long time to read, I started late December 2017 and finished it exactly on the 1st May 2018. In general it was more due to finding the motivation to sit down and read.

The book I think is ok, it does lay down a lot bout a totalitarian regime and how it could one day look with a government / organisation controlling and running people in society. But to be honest I found the book missing the tension and emotional aspect to really pull me into it and I found towards the end it was getting harder and harder to read. There is an underlying message in the book but it still doesn’t pull me towards it. I’m happy I finally got to read this cult classic and now I can check it off the list of books I need to read.