The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone

Continuing my trend on listening to biographies of people I look up to or areas of interest. I decided I would look behind the curtain of Amazon and Jeff Bazos. 

The book is less about Jeff Bezos (as the Elon Musk bio focuses on him and his life) this book mainly focuses on Amazon, where it came from and its grand plans. Throw in a small snippet here and there on Jeff Bezos, and you have a fundamentally fascinating account of Amazon.

To be honest, I was rather surprised by the tactics Jeff Bezos employees and his approach to not only leadership but to the vision of the company/brand. In this modern world where companies usually shower their employees with benefits and perks, Amazon takes a more traditional approach. They provide a platform, but ultimately the employees must pay to access it (such as on-site fruit and drinks), this leads me to believe employees aren't driving by the culture (which seems toxic and chaotic) but by the man Jeff Bezos and the grand scheme of the Amazon approach and future visions.

The book shows that in the business end of Amazon, the acquiring new products for its shelves, new services for its platform. Amazon takes the bully approach and is in such a wealthy position that it can quickly lower prices / introduce a service that competes with nonconformant competitors or suppliers and scares them by hitting them where it hurts, in their wallets. 

If you're an avid user of Amazon services (like I am), I think this is a must read to see what goes on and the business practices. Does this change my use of Amazon? Not really as we must admit that the business model makes sense in this every hectic and chaotic world. 


My Recommendation:

READ (if you use Amazon)