Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

I'm someone who reads, listens and follows Tim Ferris quite regularly and I was excited by the announcement of his new book. The only other book of Tim's I've read was the 4 Hour Work Week

He has interviewed so many great talents from various industries and has meticulously recorded everything (he is that kind of guy), this book was announced to be the chronicle of years of work and information gathering.

In general, I wouldn't say I was disappointed as the content is high quality and it provides an insight into various celebrities & entrepreneurs routines and habits. But what I was saddened with the structure, it's layout is by person and not really by activities and how you can best utilize the approach for example. What this means is that you end up jumping around in various topics quite frequently and for me, this was rather annoying.  

Who would I recommend to read this book? I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't heard of Tim Ferris or listened to any of his podcasts. For anyone else, I would say get it but don't worry about reading it from cover to cover, use it more like a reference manual.

My Recommendation:

Reference Use Only