Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson

Richard Branson has always been someone who had inspired me. Someone who doesn't shy away when he needs to get his hands dirty (more ways than one) and someone who has built an empire with his business ventures covering things from telecommunication, an airline to even healthcare. Richard is someone who I look up to.

I was happy that I finally could get some time to read/listen to Richard's autobiography. He gives his account of where things started (not missing out on hard times) to the risks he took many of times to establish a very cut-throat and often lucrative business ventures. I would say the book is somewhat inspirational and shows you don't need millions to be able to cut it in business. He very often took risks, and these risks could have easily been the end of it all for him, but his passion and dedication was something that kept him in the fight and able to go from challenge to challenge.

Richard truly knows how and when to hustle and really take advantage of a bad situation. 

My Recommendation: