Scrum The Art of Doing Twice The Work In Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland

For me personally, this was the best book I've read about any sort of agile process. The book gives you not only theoretical aspects of establishing a SCRUM workflow, it also gives you practical advice which is also backed up by real world examples. The book also touches on that SCRUM is not only for software development but its approach can be applied for a magnitude of different situations. One of the examples is that how a school in the USA is applying the same approach to teaching and enabling the students to run with SCRUM for learning various topics and was dubbed the new monastery in the book also.

If you are using SCRUM or any kind of agile process, or you're hearing the hype of such process. I can defiantly recommend this. I also think this is a good starting point if you want to organise your own life much better aswell as its a very versitile approach. 

My Recommendation: