Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

I’ve been fascinated with the story of Steve Jobs and Apple for many years. My first foray into the story and history was an old movie called “Pirates of Silicon Valley” ( which was released in 1999. This is an excellent film, and I still recommend to go and watch it get a slice of history from when Microsoft and Apple first started and roughly how it got started. The movie goes all the way from the foundation until Steve Jobs came back to Apple and that’s where the movie ends. 

The book, on the other hand, covers Steve’s full life from his childhood all way the up until his death and it's a somewhat inspiring read. It paints a picture of his colourful character nd some of the struggles he faces in life from his early days until later on in life. 

Steve saved Apple while it was laying on its death bed and it’s a shame he wasn’t able to overcome this personally. 

By the end of the book, I have to admit I did have some tears rolling down my face because of the way it ended (no spoilers ;)). Because of Steve’s character and mindset, he died way earlier than he should have, Steve could have been saved and cured of his cancer, but his stubbornness and reality distortion field made him believe he can fully overcome it himself. 

I can highly recommend the read, and I recommend it in audio form as its a large book and easier to digest in audio form. 

My Recommendation: