This is my notebook. A place where I will share my thoughts and ideas, a platform to express my opinions and also share my insights in such things as management, quality assurance and internet start-ups. I'm inspired by many people such as Kevin Rose, Tim Ferris, Mimi and Alex Ikonn just to name a few. I will also share my process, how I try and achieve abundance in my life and to focus on key things that improve not just the way I live but the way in which I experience the world. 

I also love to travel. When I was younger I never really travelled, but now I have my own means and live on such a great continent with friends all over the world I make sure I take advantage of this. From jetting off to Canada to a friends wedding to flying to Malta to meet with former colleagues and old friends. In the past 4 years I've flown over 300 times and experienced many different cultures and languages. I hope to also share some insights into this also and to share my recommendations. 

My aim is to try and post once a month and this is my main goal, so why not join me on my journey through my mind and life and also contribute now and then with your thoughts and ideas.