Time flies when you don't look at your watch

It’s been some time since I posted here and a lot has changed in my life which has had a significant impact on the schedule of posting I wanted to keep up, let me begin . . . .

We purchased a house! Crazy I know. This was an idea I gave up many years ago when the price of a house was sharply increasing and seemingly growing out of my reach. But it happened and with that process (which wasn’t the simplest), moving and renovation tasks that sunk large portions of my time. We have a Trello board full of topics that are still needed to be tackled for the house as well, so I guess I have now a new long term project on-going.

Christmas and the new year happened! We had both of our parents over for Christmas and this of course was a time we wanted to spend some quality time with them.

My Grandad was sent to the hospital in the middle of January, so we flew out to the UK to visit him as well as the rest of my family.

The first few weeks of work started somewhat quiet and was helping the easing of a new year and gold period, but then change after change impacted some progression on projects which meant I slipped behind on where I wanted to be out now. But ah well, that only consumes 40 hours of my week.

So yeah, a lot of excuses but not all valid! I want to write here more on a regular basis and share all the exciting things that I stumble on during my routines and activities! I will do better!