CW15 2019 - Weekly Review

Atlassian Summit 2019 - LV

This week Atlassian started to release their presentations from the Atlassian Summit to Youtube. Below are the videos I have watched so far that I have taken away some points which I will apply to my work life.

What I really found interesting is the “Project Posters” which seems to be a really good tool to share the information in a transparent way the actual context of Projects we have so that anyone can gain these insights and really see the decisions behind them.

I also liked the approach to have a one page meeting note for all reoccurring meetings to make it much more dynamic and user friendly.


Really cool video that has a very good example of the impact of “multi tasking”

There are so many more great videos, you can see them here:


Curve App

Curve is a banking service that doesn't give you a bank account, but enables you to load all your Visa and Mastercards to their service and they send you a card. With this card you can use the app to select which card you want to pay with. It is totally free and it actually works!

What this also enables you to do is to switch your payment card up to 14 days after your purchase. How it seems to work is that Curve pays for the item for you and then charges your own card later with keeping the meta data the same as if you were to purchase the item with your own card.

If you’re a privacy freak the service is not for you, they will harvest a lot of data about your spending habits. But if you’re like me, the convince of having just one card makes up the giving up of my purchase data.

If you utilise my referral code below when you sign up, we both will receive a reward.

My Code: NRYY78XE

End of an Era at Work

This week a good friend and my boss actually had his last day at work. He empowered and inspired me to be the best I can be and also pushed me outside my comfort zone on such things like presenting at a conference. I wish him all the luck in his new endeavours!

Uninstalled Instagram

This week I made the decision to uninstall instagram from my phone and to be honest it feels very liberating. This means I don't have any social network apps on my devices (except LinkedIn)