CW14 2019 - Weekly Review

Pulling the Reset Cored

This week I’ve made a conscious decision to try and reduce my heavy productivity approaching of using a personal JIRA cloud set-up for work and personal life task management. My original concept was to utilise a toolset which I use at work in a professional environment to be able to obtain more knowledge and skills with the tool. But after my greater than 2 months usage of this approach I actually didn’t see any organic crossover of knowledge as we have a JIRA admin at work who has the knowledge and responsibly to handle some of the topics I was wanting to address with my approach.

So, now what? I have pretty much used all the big task managers from OmniFocus, Todoist, Things, Trello, Google Keep, Wunderlist, Timely, the list goes on and it was never really doing it for me . . . I’ve decided to pull the reset cord on my task management approach and try to approach it from a minimalistic approach that a/ forces me to think lean and not bloat things up and b/ has an aesthetic which is minimal and friendly. After careful self debate I decided to try out one of the new Moleskin Digital Studio apps called “Actions” ( which I was loving the design and could see the visual value it could bring to my new approach.

There we have it, I’ve been using Actions for the past week and so far I have noticed a more increased focus on my side with tackling topics. I will write up more of a review of the tool and my process in the coming months.

Lazy Mode Enable

Since coming back from the States I have noticed that I have slipped back into a consuming lazy approach to my free time. This is something I want to and need to address. With this I will dust off some unfinished projects and evaluate if they still make sense and then continue the drive (watch this space). I am also back on my daily meditation schedule after being away for a few weeks, I need to build back up to my 20 minutes a day again!


Final Thoughts

The sun is staying up later and the weather is improving! This is the time to break out of hibernation and push yourself! I personally have a lot of big projects at home and work which will be happening in the next couple of months and I truly look forward to embracing the challenge. Especially when it comes to house specific tasks where I need to do stuff which I would not normally do, I think its good to have a mixed of different activities in life and not just sit in front of the TV and consume!